Get fit with your baby!

It's not just a workout for Mom, it's an enriching experience for Baby.

Happy Baby Workout

Finding tummy time exercises for your baby can be a a new mom you know how hard it is to get a baby to enjoy its tummy time. 

In the Happy Baby Workout new mom fitness program we offer lots of tummy time ideas as we incorporate it into the workout.  Several of the Happy Baby mom and baby exercises give your baby the tummy time he needs to grow strong.

"I am proud to say that 3 ½ months after beginning to do the Happy Baby Workout I have to date lost 42lbs"

"It has also been such a joy to know that my workouts are anything but selfish; they are actually beneficial to my baby"

"I was able to watch my Baby roll over for the first time as we did the work out and that was truly exciting"

"At his 6 month check-up, the nurse was impressed by how well he was already sitting up, reaching and made several comments as to how alert he was"


Real New Mom Story

I was so stressed after I had my new baby for so many reasons.  Like many new moms I had a new baby, a small child, family and work all to take care of at the same time and going to the gym was a struggle.

I really wanted my pre-baby body back but I felt guilty about going to the gym and leaving my responsibilities behind.  I hated the way my new pregnancy belly looked and I was desperate to get back in to some sort of shape but I had no idea how I could find the time or energy to do anything about it.

Even before my baby I was really worried. I didn't know how I would I get back in to shape afterwards.  This was my second child, I am 37 years old, and honestly I kind of let myself go during the second pregnancy.   I did workout during pregnancy with my first child, but not this time, and I was significantly larger than after the birth of my first. 

I got really depressed about my baby belly, especially after Jackson was born, and with it being a C-section delivery this time, I was terrified that I would never get my pre-baby body back like I wanted.  I felt doomed to have "baby belly" forever.

After a little searching online, I found the Happy Baby Workout DVD and seemed like the perfect answer to my "get in shape after baby" plan.  I could workout at home with my baby and the routine seemed fun and interesting for both Jackson and I.

Within days of starting the workout I was getting compliments like "wow, you look great for just having a baby," "how did you lose the pregnancy weight," and "you look like such a happy new mom."  Within 2 weeks I had lost 8 lbs and that gave me motivation to keep going! Now after 4 months of 3x/wk doing the Happy Baby Workout, I am back in my old clothes and I feel incredible!

All the fear I had about losing my baby belly and the weight I'd gained have been subsided thanks to the Happy Baby Workout.  It is a cute, fun, effective workout that I actually enjoyed doing every week with Jackson.  He loved it too!  Whenever I put the DVD in to start, Jackson would get excited and start to coo.  And the best part of it all is I could get the job done at home and make time for my family

--Milly Joshua, Grand Rapids MI

Andrea lost 56 pounds in 7 months with Happy Baby Workout!